What is 100+ Women of Whatcom?

100+ Women of Whatcom is an endeavor inspired by the national 100 Women Who Care Alliance, a movement to promote grassroots fundraising for local nonprofit organizations to make a positive local impact. 100+ Women of Whatcom invites women who are passionate about making a difference in our community to gather twice a year and give directly to a local organization popularly selected by the event participants.  There is power from the simplicity of our goal: 100+ women each donating $100 will raise $10,000+ to support an identified need or service in our community.

Who comprises the 100+ Women?

We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. We welcome women (cis and trans) and genderqueer in our community to make a huge impact twice a year for a local organization.

How do you select organizations to receive donations?

Prior to our twice-yearly gatherings, we solicit nominations for local nonprofit organizations. Please see our nomination guidelines for more information. At each gathering, 3 nominations are selected randomly and participants then vote for their choice. The organization with the most nominations secures the donation from all participants.

Does 100+ Women of Whatcom handle donated money?

100+ Women of Whatcom does not handle or process donations. Once a recipient is selected by popular vote, each event participant writes a check addressed to the selected organization or pays online. The funds are delivered directly to the organization. If an invited participant is unable to attend an event, we encourage them to mail their check directly to the chosen organization.

Why was 100+ Women of Whatcom started?

100+ Women of Whatcom was started by women who wanted to create an accessible way for residents of Whatcom County to simply give to the nonprofit organizations which provide many important lifelines throughout our community.

How can I attend the next event?

You can become involved with 100+ Women of Whatcom by submitting a membership form. We invite participants who identify as women, are residents of Whatcom County, and wish to support the efforts of 100+ Women of Whatcom. The suggested donation amount to a selected organization per event is $100, and we meet twice a year.

Non-members are welcome to attend our events! Non-members are not able to nominate an organization for consideration, or vote at the event, but attending is a great way to observe our giving in action and decide before you join us.

What is the attire at 100+ Women of Whatcom events?

Come as you are, and wear what you feel comfortable in. Just don’t forget your checkbook!

I want to donate space/refreshments/entertainment for an event! I want to learn more! I have a ton of burning questions!

Fantastic! We want to hear from you. Please contact us.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to participate in 100+ Women of Whatcom anymore. How do I end my membership?

We are thankful for your participation thus far and your generosity has made a huge difference in the story of organizations that serve Whatcom County. We invite you to return in the future. Please email us at 100womenofwhatcom (a) gmail.com to let us know and we will remove you from future emails.