Nomination Guidelines

The selection of an organization at each gathering relies upon our wonderful membership to nominate, present, and vote! Here is how:

  1. Nominations must be submitted by a member before the next event.
  2. At the gathering, 3 eligible nominations are randomly selected and the nominating member (or designee) gives a brief 3 minute pitch about their nominated organization.
  3. Members in attendance vote for their choice.
  4. The organization with the most nominations secures the donation from all participants.

For each gathering we start our pool of nominations fresh, so if an organization was nominated in the past, but did not receive the collective donations, they must be nominated again to be considered at the next gathering. Please consider nominating an organization to receive the upcoming donation from 100+ Women of Whatcom.

All nominated organizations are vetted by the Community Relations Chair according to the following guidelines:

Nominated organizations MUST:

  • Serve Whatcom County (local chapters of national organizations are permissible)
  • Qualify for tax-deductible donation
  • Have confirmed 501(c) (3) status

Nominated organizations MUST NOT:

  • Be a single person/family beneficiary
  • Be a political campaign or organization
  • Discriminate based on a person’s age; disability; family circumstance; gender; political opinion; race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; socio-economic background, or other social identities.
  • Have been selected as the recipient of a 100+ Women of Whatcom gathering donation in the past 3 years.