Governing Principles

Board of Volunteers

100+ Women of Whatcom shall be steered by a board of volunteers. Board members may elect to form ad-hoc committees to serve their respective domains by soliciting volunteers from the membership. The board is comprised of the following positions:

Event Chair

The event chair provides general oversight for day-of event planning. Responsibilities that fall under this position include securing refreshments for the event and selecting an event location. The event chair serves as the master of ceremony for the fundraising gathering, or selects another board member(s) to assist with this role.

Membership Chair

The membership chair provides communication to the general membership. Responsibilities that fall under this position include responding to email inquiries, updating social media accounts, and inputting membership information into the database following each event.

Governance Chair

The governance chair maintains the documents and procedures pertaining to 100+ Women of Whatcom. Responsibilities that fall under this position include revising the governing principles, conducting board member elections as necessary, and maintaining the 100+ Women of Whatcom website. The Governance Chair also pays the yearly website fee (approximately $20/year).

Community Relations Chair

The community relations chair coordinates with local businesses and organizations engaged in supporting 100+ Women of Whatcom. Responsibilities that fall under this position include vetting eligibility of nominated organizations and communicating with nominating members.

Board Elections

Board positions do not have term limits. If a board member wishes to step down they will notify other board members and an election will take place. Board candidates are eligible for nomination if they are members of 100+ Women of Whatcom, have attended at least one fundraising gathering, and have completed a board position nomination form prior to the announced deadline.

In the instance of a board vacancy elections are conducted by electronic ballot distributed to the membership. If only one person nominates themselves for an open position electronic ballots are not sent out. Newly elected board members begin their term at the conclusion of the election process.

Organization Nominations

Nominations are solicited from members up until two weeks prior to the event. Nominations are considered eligible if they are submitted by a 100+ Women of Whatcom member and if the organization meets the criteria set by 100+ Women of Whatcom.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominated organizations MUST:

  • Serve Whatcom County (local chapters of national organizations are permissible)
  • Qualify for tax-deductible donation
  • Have confirmed 501(c) (3) status

Nominated organizations MUST NOT:

  • Be a single person/family beneficiary
  • Be a political campaign or organization
  • Discriminate based on a person’s age; disability; family circumstance; gender; political opinion; race, color, nationality, ethnic or national origin; religion or belief; sexual orientation; socio-economic background, or other social identities.
  • Have been selected as the recipient of a 100+ Women of Whatcom gathering donation in the past 3 years.

Organization Selection

Three organizations are drawn at random from a collection of eligible nominated organizations during the fundraising event.  Members who nominated the selected organization give a three minute pitch about the organization. If an organization is randomly drawn and the nominating member (or designee) is not present, then a different organization is drawn from the collection.


Checks are made payable to the organization which receives the popular vote at the fundraising event. Checks are not made payable to 100+ Women of Whatcom. The board members deliver the checks in a sealed envelope to the chosen organization on the soonest business day which can be coordinated with the organization.


Each board member is expected to donate to the selected organization. Board members will divide the cost of the event equally. That is, if the Event Chair spent $100 on food and room rental and the Community Relations chair spent $100 on wine, the other two board members would each pay $50 to the chairs who paid the upfront costs.